Consider Eltas EnterPrises, INC your Full-Service MULTIVALUE Software Development Department.

We are the ones other MultiValue and PICK providers turn to when they need help. You can trust your most complicated issues to us.

Multi-Value PICK: The ORIGINAL Agile Development Technology. Multi-Value is still the most efficient rapid-application framework, performing far better than the newer RDBMS technologies. With our help, you can continue to update your current systems with enhanced features for far less than converting to RDBMS systems.

Multi-Value systems continue to provide the ability to quickly adopt business improvements required by your industry and to respond to changing demands in weeks rather than months. When a professional systems approach is applied in the Multi-Value environment, there are no more responsive systems in the world.

When you choose Eltas EnterPrises, INC as your IT development staff, you partner with a large team of over 20 professionals. We offer you our expertise in business analysis, application design, database development and tuning, software engineering and system implementation. Our substantial expertise allows us to take on complex projects and deliver them on time and on budget.

Outsource your MultiValue application development to us. When your own PICK staff is busy with the daily support challenges, or the project list is longer than your current programmers can handle, we provide you cost-effective solutions. As a partner on our support contract, you receive project rate discounts of as much as 50% off our normal rates. The bigger your projects, the better your discount.
Protect your investment in your custom MultiValue applications. Call Eltas EnterPrises, INC today!