At  Eltas EnterPrises INC., we have a wealth of experience in all varieties of MultiValues and PICK flavors. Therefore, you can rest easy in the knowledge that any PICK programming and outsourcing issues, no matter how complex, will be dealt with efficiently and effectively.


Consider  Eltas EnterPrises INC. IT Services your Full-Service MULTIVALUE Software Development Department.

Multi-Value PICK –The ORIGINAL Agile Development Technology

To this day, MultiValues is still the most efficient rapid-application framework on the market, as well as the databases being the fastest application environments on the planet. This means that MultiValues is actually performing far better than even the newer RDBMS versions.

We have vast experience in helping our clients to update their current UniVerse, UniData, jBASE and D3 systems with enhanced features, all for far less than it would cost them to convert to RDBMS. After all, you have likely spent many years and countless dollars investing in substantial software updates in order to meet your growing business requirements, so why not continue to let that investment work for you?

The cost of changing the way you run your business – 

Purchasing a major business support package would require you to change your entire business model, all to meet the designs of your new application software. While this may seem like a smart investment on the surface, you actually lose your most valuable asset, that highly flexible system created exactly to the specifications of your individual business workflow.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of companies discover the hard way that switching to a new CRM or ERP system requires more in upgrades than they will ever see returned in positive ROI.  The initial investment simply is not worth the expected output. In fact, we at  Eltas EnterPrises INC. IT Services have supported numerous  customers that nearly went under trying to needlessly move away from their custom fit MultiValues system. Many of us here were actually part of a 500-million-dollar company that went out of business from the costs of this kind of conversion.

The positives of keeping faith with your Multi-Value system –

MultiValues systems continue to provide the ability to quickly introduce business improvements required by your industry and to respond to changing demands in weeks rather than months.

When a professional systems approach is applied in the Multi-Value environment, there is simply no more responsive system in the world.

Modernizing your current system will only cost a fraction of what you would spend on a replacement.

Keep all of your existing functionality that was custom built for your individual business units.

Continuous improvement and modernization have been shown to beat any other alternative for existing high-performing companies.

Tap into the new features of wIntegrate and AccuTerm to improve your key front-line user experience, while also getting the best of both worlds.

The  Eltas EnterPrises INC. IT Services promise –

By outsourcing your MultiValues application development to  Eltas EnterPrises INC. IT Services, you are investing in reliability, security, and guaranteed results. When your own PICK staff is busy with its daily support challenges, or the project list is longer than your current programmers can handle, we provide you with cost-effective solutions. Not only this, but as a partner on our support contract, you also receive project rate discounts of as much as 40%. The bigger your projects, the better your discount!

Protect your investment in your custom MultiValues applications.